Friday, May 16, 2008

Shaved, tired, wondering

Last night, I shaved off all my hair. Later I walked out of that room, now filled with friends yelling in anger, to join other friends now fleeing in disgust. We stayed up late talking about our different frustrations and desires. I slept in a decrepit empty house woken a couple hours later by the sound of homeless men I've never met sharing condolences about how fucked-up the world is. I left, walking in the rain past trash in the streets and liquor stores to gather together my thoughts.

Tonight I might facilitate a meeting between people who may or may not show up, to help sad lonely people wanting meaning, support & community to maybe... Listen to each-other.

I want hope, and ironically enough, the woman who has made this entire situation all possible has that name. What are we doing here? My thoughts despair, but my spirit says that we all already know.


Angela Harms said...

Hi, (I)An-ok. How's your head? I've been thinking of you.

toma said...

that kind of sounds like a beautiful experience, three months later.